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Apartment C

This is the renovation of a micro apartment of only 35 square meters in downtown Bucharest.


Siting inside a prewar building, Apartment C was created when a bigger flat was divided in two parts as this was a common practice during the 50's. During the years the apartment had many owners and with time it's original configuration was lost and so were all the original elements except (maybe) the wooden floor. When we started work we found the apartment neglected and decorated in a kind of 90's postmodern inspired style.

We started from that and we decided to do a minimum intervention to the existing walls by blocking a window between the bedroom and the living room and building a light wall of 60 cm in the bathroom. We took everything else out, and we repaired the wooden floor. The main space was divided into 3 distinct areas: a small vestibule, a living room with a micro dining table (bar) and the kitchen. The other two spaces: the bathroom and the bedroom are separated via walls from the main space and here we changed the improper plastic doors with functional ones. We decided to make the most out of its 35 square meters by building a lot of much needed storage space and keeping many of the common appliances hidden so that they won't impair movement.


Bucharest, Romania


Photos by Alexandru Muntean

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