Confident Concept Store

The Confident Concept Store is designed for a local upcoming brand in Braila. We were presented with a generic space housed inside a former industrial building that sits across one of Braila's oldest parks. The space had to function as a concept store displaying clothes, shoes, hats and other accessories created by many different Romanian designers and also it had to be a place of gathering for various fashion related events.

Right from the start we thought of designing a space that should be as flexible as possible, a space that also allows for the display of different clothing styles in a controlled and organized manner. 

We kept the intervention to a minimum and we refrained from occupying the middle of the space with fixed objects. The shop's atmosphere is created with a few simple elements: a set of neutral lighting fixtures that can be moved and set according to different needs, a wall of long velvet curtains that ad color to the space and give it a cozy feeling, an austerity chic metal wall built from aluminum elements usually used for stud walls, a few pieces of furniture that also add color to the space and multiple stands and tables of different sizes that are made from rectangular steel tube painted white.


Braila, Romania